Healthy Homes Standards
for rentals in NZ

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Insulation, heating, ventilation and good moisture management helps make rental homes in New Zealand more comfortable, energy efficient, warmer and healthier.
Meet the requirements of the Healthy Homes Act and the detailed Healthy Homes Standards.


Full HHS

As of July 2016 INSULATION for all rentals should be completed.  Now additional requirements including HEATING, VENTILATION, DRAUGHT STOPPING, MOISTURE INGRESS & DRAINAGE applies. We offer full assessments to confirm the state and condition of the HHS in rental properties for property managers and landlords.

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Get insulation, heating and ventilation installed, or upgraded

New or replacement insulation, ventilation, heating may be required to meet the new Healthy Homes Standards.  We provide free quotations for insulation, heating and ventilation*.  Check out our special pricing for landlords and property managers.

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Happy Tenants
Happy Landlords

Tenants in houses that are warmer, drier, healthier and safer.  Improve the value of your rental.  Improve the living conditions for your tenants and their families.  Meet the increasing compliance requirements of the Healthy Homes Standards.

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