Recessed lights 'down-lights'

Look fantastic, but can be a hazard

Can reduce the thermal performance of your home

by creating holes in the insulation

New requirements - NZS 4246

We install insulation to the requirements of NZS:4246





NZS 4246:2016 has been updated, and now has more stringent requirements around the fixing and placing of insulation.   This means we will need to spend more time when installing insulation around recessed lights and other electrical devices, especially when clearances need to be maintained.

We recommend replacing recessed lights that require clearances with tested and proven devices that can have insulation abutting - or covering.


Clearances from lighting and other electrical equipment

Recessed lights, fans, including transformers (control gear), emit heat.  Depending on the type of device and the device manufacturers installation instructions, insulation may need to have a fixed clearance to prevent overheating.  At the same time, clearances (gaps) in the insulation reduce the thermal performance of the insulation, as well as creating the opportunity for mould growth.

 Lighting manufacturers should have their devices tested to NZ requirements which provides a classification.  This classification provides us with direction as to how and where insulation can be installed around the device.


For example, an "IC" rated device can have some types of insulation laid over the top,



ca80-1a "CA" rated device can have some types of insulation butting up to it,


Devices with no markings, instructions or classification will need to have a minimum fixed clearance of 100mm