WorkSafe NZ and the Ministry of Health identify that houses built before 2000 may contain asbestos.

Do you have
asbestos management plans
for your rentals?

If you do, please provide these to us when asking us to assess your properties.  We do need to know that the property asbestos risk is managed, so we can then scope the property to meet the insulation requirements of the RTA.
Note:   Section 6 of WorkSafe New Zealand's Approved Code of Practice for the management and removal of asbestos;
6.2 Responsibilities for identifying asbestos or ACM in the workplace
  1. If a workplace PCBU knows, or ought to reasonably know, there is a risk of exposure to respirable asbestos fibres in their workplace, it must make sure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all asbestos or ACM in the workplace relating to the risk is identified.
  2. If a workplace has more than one PCBU, all PCBUs must, so far as is practicable, consult, co-operate with and co-ordinate activities with one another to make sure they meet their legal duties.

General information about asbestos in homes

Asbestos containing materials ("ACM's") were common building products from the 1940’s through until the 1990’s. Because asbestos is fire, heat, chemical and noise resistant as well as providing added strength to otherwise brittle materials (such as cement) it was widely used. In some instances it was used earlier than 1940, such as in lathe and plaster. Asbestos was used extensively as loose insulation in Australia.

From 1 October 2016 importing of products containing asbestos was banned.

A large proportion of buildings built or renovated during the 1940s to 1990s may contain some asbestos materials, however some houses built after this era may also.

How will the Eco Insulation team deal with high risk or suspicious material we observe?

Just like any hazard we identify on site, we will assess the risk and follow procedures to minimise risk to our team and others we are working with.
If we identify high risk or 'suspicious material' in the area/s we need to access (generally ceilings and under-floors) AND we have not received an ASBESTOS MANAGEMENT PLAN for a particular property, we as a workplace PCBU need to assume asbestos may be present. This means the requirements in the Asbestos Regulations on ‘identified’ asbestos apply to the areas of the workplace where asbestos is assumed to be present.
As a workplace PCBU's together with you we must:
  1. follow the requirements for managing asbestos until it is removed OR there are reasonable grounds to believe the workplace does not contain asbestos (eg by testing)
  2. record information about its assumptions in the asbestos management plan (eg ‘loose fill ceiling insulation assumed to contain asbestos’)
We will sample that material and on your agreement arrange to have the sample tested by an IANZ Accredited Laboratory for Asbestos Testing. 
There will be a fee for this sampling and reporting process.

WorkSafe NZ provides good guidance regarding potential risks of asbestos in residential homes