Why insulation for rental properties?

Minimum insulation standards for rental properties

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) aim to make homes warmer, drier and healthier for the million New Zealanders who live in rented accommodation.

By 1 July 2019 all residential rental properties covered by the RTA must meet the new insulation requirements.

Landlords are required to make a statement in the tenancy agreement on the extent of and details about the insulation installed in their residential property. In order to make this statement, landlords need to check and confirm what insulation is installed. If the existing insulation does not meet the minimum thermal requirements (expressed in R-values) specified in the regulations, or is incomplete, damaged or damp, landlords will need to either replace the existing or install new insulation in the ceiling and underfloor to meet the current Building Code requirements.

Proposed insulation and thermal performance requirements

Existing rental properties which currently have no insulation in the ceilings and under floors must have new insulation installed in these places.

The new insulation must meet minimum requirements that are benchmarked on the current Building Code (H1/AS1) requirements for ceilings and underfloor areas.

Existing rental properties that already have insulation installed must be upgraded if the ceiling and underfloor insulation does not meet the R-value levels set as at 1978.  The ceiling insulation in these properties would need to be replaced if it is excessively compressed, damp or damaged or not installed properly (ie with gaps, folds, tucks); or have a “top-up” where new insulation is installed over the existing insulation if it is still in reasonable condition.

For properties that do not have ceiling and underfloor insulation that meets the R-value requirements as at 1978, new ceiling and underfloor insulation must be installed that ensures the total level of insulation in the ceiling and underfloor meet (or exceed) the minimum thermal based on the current Building Code.

The installation of electrically conductive insulation products (such as reflective foil products) is banned by the regulations.

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