What is required for rental properties?

Minimum standards for rental properties

The Healthy Homes Act aim is to make homes warmer, drier and healthier for the million New Zealanders who live in rented accommodation.

By 1 July 2024 all residential rental properties must meet the new Healthy Homes Standards covering insulation, ventilation, heating, moisture & draught requirements.

Landlords are required to make a statement in the tenancy agreement on the extent of the HHS compliance in their residential property. In order to make this statement, landlords need to check and confirm what is installed. If the existing items do not meet the minimum HHS requirements, landlords will need to either upgrade or install new items to meet the HHS requirements.

The Healthy Homes Standards (HHS) - an overview

The HHS includes the requirement for assessments and upgrades of;

  1. Insulation (new minimum 120mm in ceilings)
  2. Ventilation - including extraction fans requirements for bathrooms and kitchens, plus windows in habitable spaces
  3. Draught stopping - nothing more than 3mm
  4. Heating - minimum heating requirements for LIVING areas
  5. Moisture and drainage - including gutters/down pipes and Ground Vapour Barriers

Key HHS Deadlines

1 July 2019 - the new Act is in place
1 July 2020 - all new tenancies need to refer to compliance HHS (or how they will comply)
1 July 2021 - all HHS requirements to be done within 90 days of new & renewed tenancies
1 July 2024 - everything must be done!

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